The historic home of Texas John Slaughter, 15 miles east of Douglas, Arizona.


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Some recent visitors to Slaughter Ranch who speak French made a wonderful High-Def video of what they saw here and put it online. Just click to play (refresh your browser if you don’t see the video below):

(“Doc et Dixie” have a YouTube channel full of videos from events and attractions near Slaughter Ranch. Just click here to see them.)

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Walt Disney produced a 17-part miniseries about Texas John Slaughter.

Click on the video below to watch part one of the first episode via YouTube, where the rest of episode one (originally aired on the ABC Television Network October 31, 1958) and other episodes are also posted for you to enjoy (click “refresh” in your browser window if the YouTube video isn’t showing on this page).

Want to add Texas John Slaughter to your home video collection? It’s out of print, but some used copies of the show on Disney Home Video VHS tape are available at