The historic home of Texas John Slaughter, 15 miles east of Douglas, Arizona.

Slaughter Ranch Grounds

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Bring a picnic lunch with you when you visit the Slaughter Ranch . There are many shade trees overlooking the one acre House Pond which provides an ideal spot for a picnic. (Please remember to bring your own charcoal if you plan to use the available BBQ grills.)

It is a beautiful place to relax before continuing your tour of the museum buildings. Please call ahead if you plan to bring a large group. Park benches and picnic tables are provided.


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The House Pond was developed by Texas John Slaughter . When he arrived in 1884, he saw several natural springs bubbling up from the ground. He visualized an endless water supply for irrigation and domestic purposes. The dam was built in the 1890’s. The pond has been stocked with endangered Yaqui topminnow, Yaqui chub and Yaqui catfish by the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, which joins and was a part of the original Slaughter Ranch.

Because of Slaughter’s development of the pond for irrigation purposes, we are able to enjoy green grass and trees on the ranch today.








Slaughter Ranch has been chosen to be a part of the Southeastern Arizona Birding Trails. Click here for more information on birding at Slaughter Ranch.

The San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge was Arizona Highways magazine’s featured “Hike of the Month” in the January, 2006 issue. The trailhead for the 2 and a half mile walk is at Slaughter Ranch. Click here to purchase used copies from

Writer Richard Conniff visited Slaughter Ranch for his fascinating piece in the July, 1999 issue of Smithsonian magazine on dragonflies, part of Slaughter Ranch’s rich and diverse wildlife. Click here to purchase used copies from