The historic home of Texas John Slaughter, 15 miles east of Douglas, Arizona.

John Slaughter Books

It’s not hard to find literature about Texas John Slaughter. He’s been a favorite of historians, Old West novelists and even comic book writers.

But if you want to know the real story of Texas John Slaughter, this is the book the Slaughter Ranch Museum wholeheartedly recommends.

The Southwest Of John Horton Slaughter by Allen A. Erwin is a must-read book for all history buffs. Your interest will be captivated by this fascinating yet factual, well-researched narration.

Long out of print. Check your local library or click here to find used and collectible copies on, Barnes & and

When it came to dealing with desperadoes, Texas John Slaughter had a simple rule: “Hit the trail, or I will bury you”. That Wicked Little Gringo (The Story of John Slaughter) by Ben Traywick pulls no punches in telling Texas John’s story. Published in 2001, it’s available at, Barnes & and

Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo by Susan Krueger, Ed.D., is based on stories Addie Slaughter told to her daughter about her father, Texas John Slaughter, the family’s travels across the Wild West from Texas to Oregon, and their life after settling at Slaughter Ranch. Published in January, 2011, you can learn more about the book, its author and order your own copy online.

Local author Betty Barr’s book, A John Slaughter Kid, tells the story of a girl who grew up during the history-making days of early 20th century Arizona, woven against the rich backdrop of Slaughter Ranch. Released in the summer of 2011, you can read excerpts from the book and order your own copy online.

There’s also Jason Manning’s “Gun Justice: The Unforgettable Story of Texas John Slaughter, One of the Greatest Gunfighters of the Old West”, available in paperback through, Barnes & and It’s a 1999 novel based on the life of Texas John Slaughter.

And yes, some back issues of the Walt Disney Texas John Slaughter comic books are available at, too.

And for more about Slaughter Ranch Museum and the people and events of Texas John Slaughter’s time in Southeastern Arizona, back issues of these magazines are available at

An excellent article about Slaughter Ranch Museum, its history and its extensive restoration in the mid-80s is featured in the October, 1986 issue of Arizona Highways magazine. Click here to purchase used copies from

The July, 1994 issue of Arizona Highways magazine features Wyatt Earp, another legendary figure of Southeastern Arizona who Texas John Slaughter knew. Click here to purchase used copies

Texas John Slaughter was part of the group that negotiated Geronimo’s surrender near the ranch in August, 1885. The cover story in the August, 1995 issue of Arizona Highways magazine is about what happened next. “Geronimo: The Prison Years”. Click here to purchase used issues from

Writer Richard Conniff visited Slaughter Ranch for his fascinating piece in the July, 1996 issue of Smithsonian magazine on dragonflies, part of Slaughter Ranch’s rich and diverse wildlife.

Sunset Magazine featured Slaughter Ranch in a piece in its November, 1999 issue, “Where Frontier Legends Live On”. Click here to purchase used copies from

The San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge was the featured “Hike of the Month” in the January, 2006 issue of Arizona Highways magazine. The trailhead for the 2 and a half mile walk is at Slaughter Ranch. Click here to purchase used copies from 

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