The historic home of Texas John Slaughter, 16 miles east of Douglas, Arizona.

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Take a step back in time as you visit the historic John Slaughter Ranch near Douglas, Arizona. Texas John Slaughter was one of the Southwest’s most beloved characters and most feared lawmen. And here, at his ranch, originally known as San Bernardino Ranch, you can enjoy the scenery, wildlife and atmosphere that has been left largely untouched since Texas John Slaughter’s time.

About John Slaughter

Although John Horton Slaughter was born October 2, 1841 in Louisiana, his family moved to Texas when he was a baby. The family was known there for their huge cattle ranches and the nickname “Texas John” stuck. Slaughter became acquainted with the ways of the Indian growing up and became an excellent tracker and marksman, which…

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Slaughter Ranch
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A Registered National Historic Landmark

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